ZIMO Group

Zimo Chinese established in 2008, is located  in South Bund. It's controlling party is Beijing Huaxin Enterprise Group, which is a  mixed ownership enterprises. Zimo Chineses mission is to let people with different races, different areas and different countries learn Chinese so as to achieve Zimos version:Wherever a village on Earth, Zimo Chinese is with you

 different countries, different regions, different races of people learning Chinese mission to achieve on Earth have villages where there is vision Zimo Chinese

Currently Zimo company has independently developed "Zimo & Beijing University HSk" products are so highly praised  among the students in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, East China Normal University and Shanghai University.

"Zimo word treasure" App will be available to fragmented, immediate and effective way to meet the learning needs of learners, to change users learning habits, thus it has  created a new model and the development of ideas in Chinese training in the internet era.

Chinese utility has been  positioned as the main content by  the  enhancement approach of "Learning - Feedback - re-learning". Thus the  learners can be effective now to the result of Speak Chinese by studying just ten minutes.This way could meet the demand of the students whose Chinese are not native speakers  communicate with  Chinese.  Zimo has provided Chinese-learning services to Chinese language lovers through mobile App, PC software and other mobile Internet terminals, interactive online and offline, independent research and development and integration of the industry's best learning resources for learners with international cultural exchanges and other services. The concept of "Speaking  Chinese is a new fashion  "is advocated enthusiasm by Zimo.

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